Hotels and Travel Arrangments

Posted on 14. Sep, 2007 by in Blog Introduction

Coming to New York for the Network Journalism Summit?

Don’t forget to make your travel arragnments soon, to keep the cost down.

CUNY is trying to get a group deal for hotel rooms in New York close to the conference (Times Square) but Frankly, the rates on are better.

We may have a group deal for a Mariott Courtyard and if we do, we will pass along the information.

If you know of any deals, please share your notes by commenting below.

6 Responses to “Hotels and Travel Arrangments”

  1. Bill Mitchell

    23. Sep, 2007

    Via, as David suggested, got a room at Comfort Inn Central Park West for $237 a night (before taxes, etc).

    suggest cramped, basic but OK rooms.

  2. Lisa Williams

    27. Sep, 2007

    Hey, is there a schedule (well, okay, a start time) for the conference somewhere around here? Thanks!

  3. bernardo parrella

    28. Sep, 2007

    i’m looking for a hotel room to share for a couple of nights (10-9/10) — or a very kind soul that can host me in NYC, a couch to crash on is enough…

    i’m traveling from santa fe, nm, and hope i’m not the only one on a tight budget here 😉

    Lisa, maybe you found it already:

    Davida said that “discussion will start at 9am sharp (we have a lot to cover in one day)”

  4. David Cohn

    28. Sep, 2007

    The schedule will be put up soon.

    Breakfast will be from 8-9am. At 9am sharp the discussion part of the day will begin.

  5. Chrys Wu

    29. Sep, 2007

    Quikbook has rooms at the brand new 6 Columbus Circle hotel starting at $235 a night before taxes & fees. Either book online at Quikbook or call them at (800) 789-9887. The 6 Columbus Circle reservations number is 212.204.3000. lists standard rooms at the Skyline Hotel for $239 a night before taxes and fees. The Skyline reservations desk is (800) 433-1982, if you want to call them directly.

  6. Chrys Wu

    03. Oct, 2007

    Still looking for a hotel? There’s a place called the Chelsea Star Hotel, near Penn Station. It looks to be youth hostel-style, but if you don’t mind it, a single room can be had for about $109/night during the week (plus taxes & fees). Reservations number is (877) 827-NYNY [827-6969] (Chelsea Star’s TripAdvisor ratings)