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The Networked Journalism Summit is only a few days away. In preparation for the event we asked you to answer some questions. Fifty-two, almost a third, of you have answered. I’m sure more will come in the next few days too.

This is a chance for you to get to know who else is coming, what they are working on, hoping for, experienced in, thirsty for. This conference is about next steps — this is a guide in that endeavor. If you see someone you are interested in speaking with at the summit — leave them a comment.

To see the full list, click on.

(no particular order)

Bill Allison – Sunlight Foundation

Robin Sloan, Andrew Fitzgerald – Current TV

Jason Oberfest – Los Angeles Times

Martin Huber –

Howard Owens – GateHouse Media

Travis Henry – YourHub

Alan Levy – BlogTalkRadio

Brian Conley – Alive in Baghdad

Barry Parr – Coastsider

Adrian Monck – City University of London

Chuck Olsen – The Uptake

Dave Winer – Scripting News

David Stern – MixedInk

Robin Hamman – BBC

Patrick Phillips – The Vineyard Voice

Danny Glover – Air Congress

Mary Mathews – Pound Productions,LLC

Dorian Benkoil – Digital Media Consultant/Columnist/Teeming Media

Chrys Wu – CBS TV Digital Media Group

Henry Abbott – TrueHoop/ESPN

Michael Mcintee – The Uptake

Tristan Louis – TNL.Net

Chris Lydon – Open Source Radio

Charlie Beckett – Polis

James Kotecki – Video Blogger/Politico

Rick Burnes – Faneuil Media

Micah Sifry – Personal Democracy Forum

Jennifer Carroll – Gannett

Derek Willis – Database Journalism at

Jeff Burkett – WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive blogs

Jim Colgan – WNYC Radio

Michael Rosenblum – Democratizing Video via Rosenblum Associates

Rachel Sterne – GroundReport

Kate Marymont and Mackenzie Warren – Fort Myers

Dan Pacheco –

Emily Gertz – WorldChanging

Paul Sullivan – Orato

Jane Hamsher – FireDogLake

Merrill Brown – NowPublic

Lisa Williams – H2OTown, Placeblogger

Jonathan Weber — NewWest.Net

Rick Waghorn – MyFootballWriter

Mark Potts – Backfence

Jarah Euston – Fresno Famous

John Wilpers – BostonNOW

Jay Rosen — NewAssignment.Net

Debbie Galant – Baristanet

No Longer Attending :(

Simon Bucks – Sky News

Edward Roussel – The Telegraph

Howard Weaver – McClatchy

Paul Bass – New Haven Independent

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