What's Next – Henry Abbott

Posted on 22. Oct, 2007 by in What's Next?

I’m working on a lot of stuff next at TrueHoops, some of which started long before the conference, and some of which was a direct result of it.

* Getting smarter and more organized about enlisting the help of the artists formerly known as TrueHoop readers. Along this line, I already (inspired by JerseyTV) started a YouTube group that at the moment has more than 500 members.
* I’ll be working with Jay Rosen on his beat writer project.
* I’m working with ESPN to figure out setting up and selling ads across a blog network.
* I have various topics in mind — New Orleans for the All-Star game in February, and Beijing for the Olympics next summer — where I think a network of volunteer reporters on the ground could be a powerful antidote to the press release control of information.
* ESPN does a pretty rigorous job of comment moderation already, but the conference has also sparked some conversations about how we might do even better.

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