What's Next – MixedInk, David Stern

Posted on 23. Oct, 2007 by in What's Next?

Everything from my response to the questions you sent in advance of the event still holds:
1) We plan to expand testing over the next couple of months to larger and larger groups.  We have the first several of these groups lined up, but will require additional partners to organize testing at a larger scale.
2) We are looking for investment to help build our organization and finalize the development of our software as quickly as possible.
3) We expect to launch publicly in January 2008.

I would add to this that we’re currently wrapping up our largest test to date, in which 30 simultaneous users are crafting a collective response to the question of whether the US government is ever justified in using torture.  It’s gotten quite heated, as you might imagine – we’ll publish the full story on our blog.  While we continue this cycle of testing and iteration, we’ll begin demoing our tool for potential clients and partners who have already expressed an interest in seeing it – a good number of which came out of the networked journalism summit.

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