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Posted on 24. Oct, 2007 by in What's Next?

In the short term, Why Tuesday? is pursuing our presidential candidates to respond to our candidate challenge. Driving throughout the State of Iowa until October 31st with camera-in-hand, we will air how our candidates feel about America’s low voter turnout, making election reform and increased voter participation issues that nobody can ignore. We have also submitted a video question for TechPresident’s 10 Questions initiative.

In the long term, Why Tuesday? will continue to build our constituency with the goal of becoming a megaphone for America’s election reform discussions. Each week we release a new episode about elections or election reforms. Why Tuesday? is also actively recruiting correspondents to help with the task of interviewing as many elected officials as possible about election reform and the significance of low voter turnout. Utilizing our videos, we want to educate about election reform and hold our politicians responsible for improving America’s voting system.

We at Why Tuesday?, an archetypical new media project, found the Summit to be very helpful and especially enjoyed the afternoon sessions on political coverage and news/video advocacy. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Off The Bus, AirCongress, and TechPresident. And we would like to discuss how we can more effectively utilize our Web 2.0 platform with Ellen Miller from the Sunlight Foundation, Earmark Watch, and Wiki the Vote .


Why Tuesday? Staff

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