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Posted on 11. Nov, 2007 by in What's Next?

At the Networked Journalism Summit Leonard Witt grabbed Lisa Williams for a quick discussion about an idea he has called Representative Journalism.

Here’s his quick update.

Back at Jeff Jarvis’s Networked Journalism Summit as I was networking with Lisa Williams of Placeblogger.com and telling her about Representative Journalism and about a grant I was writing aimed to it. She took a look at my grant proposal and then wrote in it:

Journalism is becoming a high-tech profession. And like other high-tech professions such as software and biotechnology, professionals experience instability – layoffs, job changes, changes in their organization’s mission. The good news about this change is that it provides entrepreneurial opportunities for journalists – but few journalists are taking advantage of these opportunities.

I am now trying to incorporate that thought into my own ideas as I try to advance this Representative Journalism concept. Right now I am trying to come up with a full blown Representative Journalism plan so I am blogging on it less but thinking of Representative Journalism more than ever.

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