What's Next – WNYC, News-Press, NewAssignment.Net and More

Posted on 16. Nov, 2007 by in What's Next?

A conference call took place between Jim Colgan and Howard ParnellĀ  from WNYC, Mackenzie Warren from News-Press, Jay Rosen and myself from NewAssignment.Net and Jeff Howe (almost all profiled in this section) took place earlier today.

The seeds for this call began at the Networked Journalism Summit when Jim Colgan and Mackenzie Warren began talking and realized they were both looking for a software solution that would enable a more seamless effort in crowdsourced journalism.

After some emails back and forth a conference call was organized and the participants have agreed to move forward and 1. Determine what this software would look like and 2. Find a way to make it happen.

Details about this endeavor will be disclosed publicly as they come to fruition.

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