4:39PM – Newsroom as Classroom: See How the Sausage is Made.

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Jeff Jarvis suggests that the role of the newsroom needs to be reinterprted. Now, instead of being a place where news just emanates from, there is a need for greater training, not just on the craft of writing but in the tools of storytelling as well.

Rachel Stern of Ground Report.com has been broadcasting live all day. She’s got a layer of community editors that has “improved the quality of her reporting.”

She and David Cohn are using new ideas to shore up community reporting.

“Rachel and David are the future,” Jarvis said.

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  1. Liz

    25. Oct, 2008

    Is training inversely related to authenticity?


  1. I’ve no doubt that David and Rachel are, indeed ‘the future’. How they fund that future is, however, the moot point. WTFDGD? » Out With A Bang - October 24, 2008

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