9:36 – Introducing Jeff Jarvis

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David Cohn gets applause for starting this.

“The point of today is not to come up with “silver bullets”  but to come out with new models and figure out where to go.”

The real point is to come out of the groups with work products, new revenues and new structures. The interesting thing is that everyone has to come back and discuss their findings to earn their wine and cheese.

We, as the press, see ourselves in a different way, particularly the content vs. link economy.

We had control of the content economy. But the link economy requires us to be open and sociable.

The link model is clever: “Do what you do best and link to the rest.”

AP didn’t buy this. Unfortunately.

Another consideration is that of product vs. process.

News is to be considered a product in the old model and perfection was our standard. In the new world, the process is the product.

It’s a different worldview. And it demands that we become transparent.

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