9:47AM – "If the news is important, it finds me."

Posted on 23. Oct, 2008 by in Uncategorized

Dig, Facebook, RSS feeds are audience centric. So, instead of people finding news, they become open to news that comes through to them online. Say, popups. Ewwww.

But seriously, the newsroom model must evolve into a network model, such as that used by Glam.com.

The network model is collaborative. The network model brings us to a critical mass quickly and cheaply. So, good news for entrepreneurs, you can build a network from scratch.

Jarvis says that we have to plan for this new world. “There’s no ‘white knight.”

Nobody’s got the money to support journalism: It has to become a sustainable business enterprise.

New revenue models are necessary, but they’ve got to come from journalists.

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