Network of Newsrooms?!?

Posted on 23. Oct, 2008 by in Business Summit, Networks, Uncategorized

There’s a focus on linking Newrooms together across the city/state/globe… to exchange ideas…

“There’s a public exchange of videos among some stations in Europe,” said  Christiana Falcone, Wolrd Economic Forum, an example of journalist drawing closer to having a network for their newsrooms.

Should this be encouraged among journalism organizations in general?

Someone responded that you can’t create it for all of them, such as newspaper organizations because of the way they’re structured.

How would it be like if newsrooms have a network?!?

This question was not really address, but I don’t think most news organizations would want it. They like the competition too much. Everyone wants to be the one to release a breaking news first!

One Response to “Network of Newsrooms?!?”

  1. Garrett

    23. Oct, 2008

    The network of newsrooms is possible and probably the future.

    Each media outlet would be independent but part of the network. Competition would still exist to break the news first. The network would help with costs and advertising revenues. It might even replace AP.