Public Support.8 Working for the Symphony

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Cohn and Rosen ask the group for a charge they can take back to the group.

Tofel, going back to a fee request, says “We couldn’t we pass a law that says if you sell ISP services, you must charge everyone 5 cents a month, and deposit the 5 cents a month in a fund?  Such a law would be constitutional and administratible.”

Adam Davidson says “I don’t want to work for C-span and I don’t want to work for the symphony.  I want to work for the vital beating heart of (American journalism).”  He thinks technology model will change and prohibit a fee structure working.  “Now, every hipster wants to go into public radio.  There’s more access to tools, there’s more ability to carve this stuff.”

“I don’t think we need to be even talking about old models of this stuff,” Davidson says.

Osnos:  “What you’re looking for is more funding…where do you want it to come from?”

Davidson:  “I imagine the advertising as like any for-profit business,” with the benefit of a halo effect “because we’re so good.”  He predicts millions of audio journalists competing for user fees.

Tofel pushes back on the symphony model:  “Everything that you just said–for people who do love classical music–is how symphony’s are funded.”  

“I do work for the symphony,” Davidson agrees.  He cites an Ira Glass talk where he said NPR has 20% of stories that are really good.  “We are buffered from the audience demand by government funding.  …We’re not earning it minute by minute on the air.  I think we’re going to have to earn it in an on-demand environment.”

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