Wrap Up- New Business Models for News Summit

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Blogging: Kahil Shkymba

Steve Shepard poses the question; what is the best solution for a collaboration between the CSJ and Baruch’s MBA program. Unknown answers that there is no clear answer yet,  but the discussion must begin.

Audience member emphasizes editors and development of such is the key to maintaining content viability, thus the key to the quality that will drive monetary streams.

Jeff Jarvis explores what came out of the conference. Survey of audience reveals that majority gained information from the conference, and that additional conferences should be held.

Comment on not paralleling workshops, adding younger professionals, non profits, people of color, etc..

Going forward: Jeff gives the final pitch to assist in raising the funds for the business incubator, and commiting to the development of the new business models. This is the urgent call for the survival of journalism and it is not being done. Encourages participation for the attendees, and states that this conference is the first step. The conference revealed the confusion of doing such, but reveals that the big job ahead is not the old model.

David Cohn comments on last years follow up of the conference and invites attendees to contact him to contribute to this years follow up blog.


Jeff Jarvis comments on bringing smaller groups together to get things done to get better results. Pick up free copy of the book ‘RUN’ on you way out. Let the wine flow! Too bad if you missed this, but we will be doing it again soon.

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