Never Quit and Be Honest With Yourself – An Interview with Tristan Harris

Posted on 07. Jan, 2009 by in Coverage, Technology, Tools, What's Next?

I’ve had the good fortune to run into Tristan Harris and finding out that we live in close proximity.

Tristan is the founder of Apture. Similar to two other Stanford computer scientist, Tristan understands and wants to improve how people find information on the web. Apture allows reporters to link out easily without necessarily losing the reader to another page.

More intriguing to me, however, is Tristan’s general experience as a young journalistically minded entrepreneur.What has he learned and what is advice to those that may come after him?

The first half of this interview focuses on Apture and his experience creating it – the second half about working on a startup in general. Never quit…..and be honest with yourself.

Untitled from Digidave on Vimeo.


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