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Posted on 12. Jan, 2009 by in Groups, Networks

I have been meaning to get in touch with Jason Kristufek (a participant in the first Networked Journalism Summit) since he first proposed the idea of a journalism barcamp late last year. I was an instant fan of his proposal and I’m tickled pink that it appears to be catching on.

I went to my first barcamp in October of 2006 and it changed the way I thought about in person collaboration. My friend Noel Hidalgo (who I met at that barcamp) and I eventually talked about an open space for journalism we called CopyCamp. The idea never took off for us, but for Jason it appears to have reached a groundswell. And the timing couldn’t be more right.

For those who aren’t familiar with Barcamps: Think open source conference. The agenda for the day is determined that morning by those who are participating (notice I didn’t say “attending”). This setup may sound chaotic – but using tested methods these “unconferneces” are usually incredibly positive and productive.

The discussion below does assume a bit of knowledge about Barcamps in general. If you aren’t already familiar – check out co-founded by brillant web-thinker Chris Messina. Better yet – just attend one! This is not a club – anyone can attend, from a young cub-reporter to the CEO of a the NY Times. In a Barcamp setting – both these indvidiuals have something to contribute and gain.

p.s. It’ll be tough – but I may try and sneak up to Portland for the January 24th News Innovation Barcamp. That’s a six-hour drive from SF, but it would be great to meet like-minded folks up north.


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  1. Daniel

    13. Jan, 2009

    Re: Portland BarCamp, we’re actually thinking about moving it to the 7th or 14th of February because we haven’t been able to secure a location yet.

  2. Matt Neznanski

    21. Jan, 2009

    Hey, good to see Jason.
    Looks like NewsInnovation-Portland will be Feb 21st at Portland State Univ. It’d be great to have you up here!


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