News Innovation Camp in Portland – Entrepreneurs Away!!

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It has been some time since we’ve posted at NewsInnovation. This isn’t for lack of want – simple because we are are all busy.

  • Jeff has a book out.
  • David is working furiously on Spot.Us.
  • CUNY continues to expand as a J-school.

It appears that 2009 is turning into a watershed year for newspapers. Since the Atlantic Magazine article “End Times” profiling the NY Times’ financial woes we have seen the Rocky Mountain News close, the Seattle PI go online only, the SF Chronicle threatened with closure (and still on shaky ground) among other things.

So why the post? Not to repeat all this news – which you undoubabtly already know. It is to repeat the notion that journalism has a future beyond newspapers. We aren’t sure what it looks like – but there is the potential that it is networked, contains nodes of collaboration and can be built by former newspaper professionals.

From Daniel Bachhuber and the Portland News Innovation camp.

News Innovation in Portland: Interview with Steve Woodward from Daniel Bachhuber on Vimeo.

I sat down with Steve Woodward this evening (@oregoniansteve on Twitter) at Bailey’s Taproom in Portland to discuss a whole myriad of topics, including the supposed “death of journalism,” how and why the internet is disrupting other industries, and why now is a great time to be alive. In the interview I did at the end of our conversation, I ask him what he thinks journalism is and about the project he’s currently working on, a mashup between InfoLiberator and OpenMicroBlogging. Their goal is to build a “Costco for data,” aggregating local information from a number of sources and then feeding it to you based on keywords, location, and other meta criteria.

Is this THE ANSWER – probably not. But it is an example. We can all be examples.

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