Revenues, Again

Posted on 30. Jul, 2009 by in Revenue

The first cut of our revenue opportunities list is now up here and in the side bar. We have another half dozen categories to add to this list, but please let us know if you think we’ve left anything out or missed the boat on something entirely.

From this first list, I was surprised by how many of the folks pointed to the value of a printed product. It is the most noteworthy area, of many, where my early assumptions were proven incorrect.

Jeff Mignon and Nancy Wang of Mignon-Media have been helping us with this project and were instrumental in developing this list of revenue opportunities.

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3 Responses to “Revenues, Again”

  1. Bernard L. Stein

    30. Jul, 2009

    “From this first list, I was surprised by how many of the folks pointed to the value of a printed product.”

    I was surprised by the response of readers when we launched The Hunts Point Express and the Mott Haven Herald to find that readers were thrilled to have a tangible NEWSPAPER serving their communities. We come out in print because so few people in these neighborhoods, in the poorest Congressional District in the United States, have access to the Web, but we found that young as well as older readers thought print conferred legitimacy on our efforts and on their communities. It was “real news” they told us.

  2. David Alexander

    31. Jul, 2009

    At the risk of self-promoting, I want to briefly share a bit about a revenue saving/speed to market technology which we recently developed for Getty Images’ global editorial workflow. LiveShoot moves images, videos, sound files, etc. in almost real time into LiveEdit, which enables rapid editing, metadata application, file preparation and instant broad distribution/broadcast. LiveEdit is essentially a high speed web media desk. We believe these technologies, which we call Remote Edit, can help newspapers, magazines and all editorial media content producers compete effectively, while doing their work more simply and efficiently.

    As we see it, cost savings opportunities are as important as revenue producing opportunities. We’re currently in the process of figuring out the best, least costly way to make this technology available to the wider market and would welcome any thoughts/suggestions. Thank you.

  3. Maria

    03. Aug, 2009

    What about reverse syndication? I don’t know if you have it already in some of the categories.

    The other one for locals is network advertising. For example, what The GrowthSpur is doing. I think this could be a great way of gaining mass for the advertisers and I see it as a opportunity for developments in countries like Uruguay, as I already explained here: