Revised Business Models

Posted on 16. Mar, 2010 by in Hyperlocal, New News Organization, News Ecosystem, Paid Content

Over the last few months we have presented our New Business Models For News at a number of workshops and meetings. And we’ve received a lot of valuable feedback that has helped us further refine our models.

Although these genericized models are supported by extensive, well-documented research, they are but one possible view of the future. They represent a stake in the ground. Clearly, our models cannot address the specifics of every individual local market. That’s why we invite you to download our spreadsheets and plug in your own assumptions. The latest spreadsheets and business plan summaries are available here.

(Note that our work in new business models is underwritten by the McCormick Foundation and the Knight Foundation.)

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  1. Kenneth Lawson

    19. Jun, 2010

    While the field of journalism is evolving to the digital age, with new methods of gathering information, writing stories, and most importantly publishing and making them pay are changing, The fact is the whole publishing industry in general must change. Content creators need to understand what they are creating content, not books or articles, and this content can be consumed in many form factors from paper to digital and audio, and on may platforms. To read all of my ideas on publishing and media please see my blog.
    Ken Lawson


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