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Interviewed by Jennifer McFadden

Describe your product/service.
Our primary product is the Trafficspaces – a self-service ad management tool. Take a look at our demo.

How can Trafficspaces help local publishers?
Each publisher gets its own Ad Store, which is dedicated ad management site. A publisher’s Ad Store
• allows advertisers to buy ads directly from publishers instead of going through middlemen, thereby helping the publisher save costs;
• gives publishers more control over ad quality, reducing the number of irrelevant ads on their sites;
• features a simple interface that lets local advertisers to get started very quickly.

How do you simplify the process of advertising online for local businesses?
Our system makes advertising simple by:
• reducing the number of steps it takes to get started;
• providing ad templates so that local advertisers can customize great ads with their own text and logo;
• allowing advertisers to purchase on a pay-per-day/month basis in addition to CPM and CPC pricing, which is easier to understand for some advertisers

Who is currently using your product?
Current clients include:
County Parents
New Internationalist
News Cloud
Three Sheets North West

How can local publishers increase revenue on their sites?
• Provide online, self-service ad sales. Don’t insist that advertisers call or email before they get started.
• Simplify your pricing model. Use pay-per-day/month instead of CPM.
• Promote your self-service Ad Store with coupons.

Who are your primary competitors? What value do you provide that makes Trafficspaces a better solution?
Our primary competitors include AdReady, Google Ad Manager, and OpenX. Our key value is that our system is designed primarily around the needs of the advertisers rather than technical administrators. As a result, the user experience is powerfully simple.

Publishers need to provide better geo-targeting and interest-targeting for advertisers. With Trafficspaces, publishers can do just that – help their advertisers target their ads very accurately and improve their return on investment.

What is your revenue model?
We charge a flat monthly fee that starts at $19.99.

How does a local site implement your products?
Integration is as simple as dropping a piece of JavaScript into the publisher’s site. We also have a WordPress plugin that makes it even simpler. The whole process can be completed in less than 10 minutes.

What is your outlook for the local advertising marketplace over the next 2-5 years?
I believe that more local sites will be accessed through mobile devices so it’s going to be important to make sure that local sites are optimized for mobile access and they can serve ads based on a user’s proximity to a location.

Do you have any new products in your pipeline that will serve the needs
of local publishers?

We are working on a marketplace/directory that will list Ad Stores from multiple local publishers and help to drive advertisers to their sites.

What do you see as the biggest hurdle for local advertisers? How does Trafficspaces address this issue?
The biggest hurdle is getting a positive Return on Investment on their ad campaigns. If they spend a $1000 on a local site and get no boost in sales then, needless to say, they won’t be spending any more. To solve this problem, we work with publishers to improve the quality of their ad targeting so that local ads are only shown to relevant audiences.

What sites do you think are effectively targeting and reaching the local market?
PlentyOfFish, the online dating site, is killing it right now with their targeted advertising system. They have a wealth of information about their members, which they use to create both better matches and serve more targeted and relevant localized ads.

Niyi Gbodimowo — [email protected]
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One Response to “Advertising Resources for Local Sites: Trafficspaces”

  1. Niyi

    18. Apr, 2011

    Superb lineup. We are honored to be among the startups doing innovative work in the advertising space.

    There have been some new exciting developments since the interview, namely

    1. Video ads – you can now use Trafficspaces to serve local video ads in mobile apps or TVs
    2. Newsletter ads – if you own an email list, you can serve localised ads to your readers.