The 2008 Summit Schedule of the Day

This schedule is subject to change.


8:30a Registration opens – breakfast served

9:30a Welcome from the Steve Shepard and Jeff Jarvis, setting the context and goals for the day

9:50a Edward Roussel, digital director of the Telegraph, and Dave Morgan, founder of Tacoda, present new visions for the structure of news organizations

10:20a Lightning round presentations by practitioners of new business models:
Colin Crawford, IDG’s transformation from print to digital
Michael Rosenblum, video training
Charlie Sennott,
Mark Josephson, CEO of
Adam Davidson, NPR Planet Money

10:45a Break

11:00a Samir Arora, CEO of Glam, and Tom Evslin, founder of ITXC, present new models for network in media

11:45a Lightning round presentations by practitioners including:
Upendra Shardanand, founder of Daylife
Scott Karp, founder of Publish2
Dave Chase, CEO of NextNewsNet
Adam Bly, ScienceBlogs
David Cohn, founder of

12:15p Charge to the group for afternoon sessions

12:25p Lunch

1:30p Aspen-style sessions assigned to come up with new models and needs on:
– Network models for news and media
– New structures for news organizations
– New efficiencies and structures for newsrooms
– New revenue opportunities and models
– Public support of journalism

3:30p Break

3:45p Closing plenary with presentation of rappateurs and members of each group and discussion

4:45p Wrap-up of next steps and charges for the New Business Models for News Project

5:00p Reception

6:00p Close

* * *

Last year’s conference:


8-9a Breakfast, registration: Times Center auditorium, 41st Street near 8th Av

9-915a Brief introductions
Steve Shepard, Jeff Jarvis, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism

915-945a Local pioneers
Lisa Williams of Placeblogger; Dan Pacheco of Northwest Voice;
John Wilpers of BostonNow; Jarah Euston of Fresno Famous
As Oprah: David Cohn

945-1015a Revenue
Jeff Burkett of; Rick Waghorn of My Football
Writer; Henry Copeland of BlogAds; Stephen Smyth of Reuters
As Oprah: Saul Hansell of Bits Blog at

1015-1045a International developments
Robin Hamman of the BBC; Martin Huber of MyHeimat;
Adrian Monck of City University of London & SkyNews; Paul Sullivan from Orato
As Oprah: Neil McIntosh of the Guardian

1045-11a Break

11-1130a Gannett’s story
Jennifer Carroll of Gannett; MacKenzie Warren and Kate Marymount
Of the Ft. Myers News-Press
As Oprah: Jeff Howe of Wired Magazine

1130-12n’s story
Jay Rosen of New York University
As Oprah: Sandeep Junnarkar

12-1230p What’s next, what’s needed
Mark Potts of Recovering Journalist and Backfence; Debra Gallant of; Jonathan Weber of New West; Scott Clark of the
Houston Chronicle
As Oprah: Jeff Jarvis

1230-130 Lunch
At CUNY: 230 W. 41st St., 3rd floor (back elevators on 40th-St. side)

1-2p New broadcast (Room 308 & the newsroom)
Michael Rosenblum of Rosenblum Associates; Jim Colgan of the Brian
Lehrer Show (WNYC); Mike Sechrist; Brian Conley of Alive in Baghdad
As Oprah: Steve Safran of LostRemote

2-3p Information sessions (participants may move among them)
* Now Public: Merrill Brown, chairman, interviewed by Rachel Sterne of
Ground Report in a workshop of organized, assigned citizen journalism.
Room 308
* Politics: Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake; Micah Sifry of Tech President;
Mike Krempasky of Redstate. Oprah: Micah Sifry.
Room 442
* Social: Scott Karp of Publish2, Jim Marcus of AOL Propeller (Netscape), Travis Henry of YourHub, Melissa Bailey of the New Haven Independent, and Ed Sussman of Fast Company and Inc. Oprah: Scott Karp of Publish2
Room: 3rd floor foyer by elevators & cafe
* Data as news: Derek Willis of and Mark Tapscott
of Washington Examiner.
Room TBA

Tool tables (Newsroom)
Companies offering relevant tools will be available at tables in the
newsroom through the afternoon. They include: John Geraci
Topix: Chris Tolles
Daylife: Upendra Shardanand, Tom Tercek
Kaltura: Shay David
LiveWorld: Jay Bryant
NewsTrust: Fabrice Florin, Rory O’Connor
NowPublic: Michael Meyers
MixedInk: David Stern
Faneuil Media: Rick Burnes

BlogTalkRadio will also be interviewing and broadcasting during the summit live at is also broadcasting

3-315 Break

315-430 Hall time – action time
All participants gather in groups around similar interests to learn more,
concoct and conspire on new projects, do business, figure out what’s next
– and do it. This is the point of the day: action.
We ask that you share your next steps and new projects with the group.
In each room, a CUNY Student Leader (a student in the entrepreneurial
journalism course) will record these projects. So make sure to let them
know what you’re doing. The Networked Journalism Summit will
followup on these projects and report back to all participants.
We will have rooms for 10 such gatherings; participants may hit as many
as they need to make the right connections. In each room, there will also
be participants helping to lead conversation. Call them Dr. Phils.
We will also invite you to suggest sessions on a board at the Times.
We will announce all sessions and locations at lunch. The starting list:
* Local. Dr. Phil: Dwight Silverman, Houston Chronicle – Room: 3rd floor foyer by elevators & cafe
* Political/national media. Dr. Phil: Ellen Miller, Sunlight Foundation – Room 430
* Video, audio, etc. Dr. Phil: Andy Carvin of NPR – Room 442
* Revenue. Dr. Phil: Rex Hammock of Hammock Publishing – Room 308
* Social. Dr. Phil: David Cohn – Room 330
* Working with Jay Rosen – Room 446
* Blogging. Dr. Phil: Will Bunch (tent.) – Room: 4th Floor foyer near room 442 (and other elevators)
* Plus other sessions you request in Rooms 432, 434, 436

430-445p Wrap-up
We gather in the newsroom to share our projects.

445-630p Reception (3rd floor)
In the 3rd floor foyer and newsroom