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Gannett's Story

Posted on 10. Oct, 2007 by .


Gannett’s Story with Jennifer Carroll of Gannett and MacKenzie Warren and Kate Marymount of the Ft Myers Press CROWD SOURCING — Ft. Myers enlisting their community in their journalism. Explored how FEMA distributed aid. FEMA was forced legally to turn records over. FMP has the infrastructure to enter the records into their database and turn […]

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Jennifer Carroll – Gannett

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Introduction and Narrative: In the past year Gannett has undergone the largest transformation in the company’s 102-year history. All 86 papers across the country, except for USA Today, have changed from traditional news centers to 24-hour, local, multimedia “Information centers.” The blueprint for the change cited seven areas that each Gannett paper would be required […]

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Kate Marymont and Mackenzie Warren – Fort Myers

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Introduction and Narrative: When Gannett announced its transformation from traditional newsrooms to information centers (see Jennifer Carroll writeup) The News-Press in Fort Myers, FLA. was one of the first and most successful papers to adopt the changes. The paper regularly engages in experiments to engage and partner with citizens using traditional media resources in pro-am […]

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