Ad Networks, Alliances and Exchanges in the New Ecosystem

As local and vertical category sites proliferate throughout the evolving ecosystems of news, a new generation of ad networks and alliances is emerging.


  • The AdBright network reaches 85 million unique viewers across 70,000 sites, according to their website.
  • AdBright’s site directory.
  • Selling point: “Now serving 307 million impressions a day on 110,301 sites,” as of 7/28/09.
  • Create an ad campaign here. Create a publisher account here.


  • The BlogAds network of 2,000+ websites reaches an estimated 45 million unique viewers a month (Quantcast.)
  • A list of BlogAds’ partners, including testimonials.
  • Selling point: “The average blogger makes $50 a month selling BlogAds, with some pulling in more than $5,000 monthly.”
  • View all specs here. Link to their blog here.


  • The community hub and ad network of 2,500 blogs reach more than 14 million women viewers a month (Nielsen.)
  • Links to BlogHer’s member sites.
  • Editorial guideline: “All blogs are continually vetted for appropriateness of content, category relevance, blog frequency, and adherence to editorial standards.”
  • Download the BlogHer media kit here. View their guidelines and applications page here.

Boston Blogs

  • The Boston Blog network of 1,000+ websites in the Boston area reaches more than 100,000 unique viewers a month, according to their website.
  • Links to Boston Blog’s member sites.
  • Local range: “Our sites cover everything from breaking news and political analysis to sports and entertainment, all with a Boston focus.”
  • View Boston Blog’s advertising details here.

Complex Media

  • The Complex Media network reaches more than 100 million unique viewers a month (Quantcast.)
  • Links to Complex’s partner sites.
  • Case study: “To drive sales and the success of the Adidas Superstar footwear collection, Complex created a fully integrated marketing program which included a custom branded in- book unit.”
  • View Complex’s target information here. View their ad specs here.

Federated Media

  • The Federated Media network reaches more than 50 million unique viewers a month, according to their website.
  • Links Federated’s author sites.
  • Content commitment: “FM is committed to the highest quality independent voices, communities and conversations. We represent more than 150 of the most respected social media properties on the Web.”
  • Download the Federated guide to conversational marketing here. View their media kit and ad specs here. Link to their blog here.

Glam Media

  • The Glam Media network of 1,100 fashion sites reaches more than 54 million unique viewers a month in the U.S. and 111 million unique viewers worldwide (Nielsen.)
  • Glam’s publisher directory. A list of their top client sites.
  • Recent innovation: “With the launch of ― the first micro bloggers platform where users can find, follow, filter, create, and share real-time conversations for events and breaking news ― we can harness the value of the vast social media stream.”
  • Download Glam’s advertising specifications here. Read about GlamApps here.


  • The Lycos network reaches between 12 and 15 million unique viewers a month in the U.S. and nearly 60 million unique viewers worldwide, according to their website.
  • A list of Lycos’ product sites.
  • Brand history: “Lycos is one of the original (est. 1995) and most widely-known Internet brands in the world, evolving from one of the first search engines on the web, into a comprehensive network of social media web sites that foster online communities.”
  • Read the Lycos overview here. View their contact page here.

MOG Music Network

  • The MOG Music Network reaches about 5.7 million unique viewers a month (TechCrunch.)
  • A list of Mog’s partner sites.
  • Selling point: “We publish your post excerpts via RSS to millions of music fans across MOG and the network, who click through to your site to access the full posts”
  • Fill out the MMG application here. View their FAQ page here.


  • The ReachLocal XChange reaches 90% of internet users in the U.S. through search engine marketing and online display advertising (comSource.)
  • A list of ReachLocal’s top partner sites.
  • Company background: “ReachLocal has over 700 employees operating in more than 35 offices in the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.”
  • Fill out ReachLocal’s application here. View their facts and figures page here.

ShortTail Media

  • The ShortTail Media alliance reaches reaches over 90% of internet readers, according to their website.
  • A list of ShortTails’s member sites (via the Online Publishers Association.)
  • Content commitment: “Our members are handpicked and represent the most respected, brand name, journalistic and information sources in the world.”
  • Download their media kit here. Read their mission and values here. View their FAQ page here.


  • The Yardbarker community hub and sports ad network of 600+ publishers reaches more than 14 million unique viewers a month, according to their website.
  • A list of Yarbarker’s member sites.
  • Selling point: “86 percent of YBNers read blogs and independent sites as much or more than mainstream sites like ESPN.”
  • Download the YardBarker media kit here. View their target information here.


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