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About the New Business Models for News Project

Posted on 12. Jun, 2009 by .


We at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism believe that the discussion about the future of journalism — as newspapers and other news organizations find their business rapidly eroding around them — needs to be informed by facts, figures, and business specifics. That is why we created the New Business Models […]

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Non-Profits Seek a Donor Collaborative

Posted on 11. Jun, 2009 by .


Newspapers aren’t the only ones looking to pool resources. Some of the non-profit news organizations that have been springing up around the country hope to create a network aimed at gathering donations. Last month, at a conference on non-profit media hosted by Duke University, Joel Kramer of MinnPost.com and Jon Sawyer of the Pulitzer Center, […]

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Content you can't afford not to pay for

Posted on 08. Jun, 2009 by .


We’ll start this week with a final thought on last week’s discussion of the various pay-for-content models that were presented to newspaper publishers a few weeks back. At the Neiman website, reporter Zachary Seward posted a transcript of his conversation with Steve Brill, in which the mogul explains some of the assumptions for his forthcoming subscription platform, Journalism Online. The entire thing is definitely worth a read, or a listen, but here is a key passage:

Brill: We were meeting with the publisher of a major, you know, city newspaper, not a national newspaper, but a big city newspaper. And he said, well, what do you think you need to achieve critical mass? I said, in this town, I’m looking at it. Which is to say, this thing that, you know, if you’re the publisher of a newspaper, you know, in a major city, one assumes your, your reporting, especially on local issues, is really the critical mass, especially if you’re the only newspaper in that city.

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