Advertising Resources for Local Sites

When it comes to selling ads, managing inventory, or helping local businesses create online advertising campaigns, most local sites readily admit they need all the help they can get. And while there is no secret sauce that magically increases revenue, a number of new companies have emerged to provide a variety of advertising solutions for small publishers. We recently talked to some of the latest entrants into the local online advertising space. (Click “MORE” for the full profile of each company.)

The lineup of companies presented here is by no means comprehensive, nor is it an endorsement of their products and services. Our goal is to create a conversation around the new tools that are available to local sites. Let us know what’s working for you. Thanks to all the folks who were interviewed. We appreciate your time.

Ad Avengers
Ad Avengers helps advertisers and publishers connect directly. We also provide a listing and briefing process for the creative element of display advertising. Our experience has been that ad networks and ad exchanges overlook smaller publishers who have vibrant communities, so we help publishers monetize these communities and advertisers connect with these communities.

Adility is a hyperlocal distribution hub that connects online publishers and local advertisers in a way that enables local advertisers to promote local advertising content (coupons, daily deals and prepaid cards) to a publisher’s customers. Publishers benefit by providing their users with unique local commerce content thereby increasing retention, engagement, and revenue; and local advertisers benefit by driving new customers into their stores at a lower cost than traditional cpm based advertising. We provide everything a publisher needs to add a daily deal offering to their portfolio of products either through our white label daily deal site or our API.

InstiAds is an easy-to-use, self-serve ad buying and management toolset that can be used on any platform. It was designed especially for small and local businesses.

isocket helps websites sell their own ads directly to advertisers. The seller/website can package their ads they way they want to, with their own rules and pricing. We offer a clean interface for buyers to easily purchase ad campaigns and for sites and bloggers to manage those campaigns. We take care of all the painful parts: invoices, payments, ad serving, statistics, scheduling, etc.

Flyerboard is a virtual bulletin board for local publishers to show interactive local ads made from flyers, posters, or other print ads.

We provide a white label (private branded) Daily Deal application.

Our primary product is the Trafficspaces – a self-service ad management tool. Take a look at our demo.