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Rachel Sterne – GroundReport.com

Posted on 10. Mar, 2008 by .


Since the summit, GroundReport has focused on international coverage and syndication. We’re syndicating content so that people can find GroundReport stories wherever they live online. One tool that helps people get GroundReport is our news widget, which works on iGoogle, Apple dashboard, Netvibes and Vista. We’ve also integrated with Technorati and are working to do […]

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Rachel Sterne – GroundReport

Posted on 01. Oct, 2007 by .


Introduction and Narrative: GroundReport started as a side project for Rachel Sterne after reporting on the United Nations Security Council on events taking place in Darfur. Sterne, who worked for LimeWire at the time, was concerned and agitated by the lack of public awareness about these events. About one year ago GroundReport, a network of […]

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