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Your work in networked/citizen/collaborative journalism.

Executive Producer for The UpTake. I draw upon my 30 years of TV producing experience to shape stories and train video Citizen Journalists.

What are your goals?
To network. Find good collaborative video tools and best practices.

Notable achievements?
Minnesota’s First Political Podcast – Inside Minnesota Politics. In early 2004 it had the first “multi-podcast” that let people listen to just the issues or candidates they were interested in from a US Senate candidates forum.
Founded TVCitizen.com – a website that is a bridge between independent and legacy media. It syndicates independent video content to Radio, TV, Magazine and Newspaper websites. Prior to working in citizen journalism for 13 years I ran All News Channel, a national 24-hour TV news channel that was on DirecTV.

Lesson you’ve learned (including mistakes you’ve made)
Many smaller advertisers are not ready for online video advertising. However, they do understand banner advertising and are willing to purchase it. Video content drives up page views, which increases revenue form banner ads.

Are you getting revenue for this? How?
Right now, TVCitzen and The UpTake are in the development stages and have not officially been launched. Revenue model for TVCitizen is a combination of syndication fees and advertising revenue. The work I have been doing to help generate content for several niche national magazine websites has been making money. My company (TimeScape Productions) is paid for production. The client is making its money through advertising (banner and video ads) and is turning a profit on the venture. We are working on a user generated video site for the magazines as well.

What’s next? What do you need to get to the next level?
Help with video flash development. Introductions to local ad networks.

Anyone you’d like to talk with, learn from, or work with at the summit

I’m interested in working with anyone who is involved in video and some folks who are probably going to want to do video.

Web Video
Will Coghlan – Hudson Street Media (Political Lunch)
Kenyatta Cheese – Rocketboom
Dorian Benkoil – Digital Media Consultant/Columnist/Teeming Media
Steve Grove – YouTube
Ariana Huffington – HuffingtonPost
Danny Glover – Air Congress (
Amani Channel – My Urban Report
Michael Meyers – NowPublic
Merrill Brown – NowPublic
Brian Conley – Alive in Baghdad
Brian Storm – MediaStorm
James Kotecki – Video Blogger, The Politico
Rachel Sterne – GroundReport
Michael Rosenblum – Rosenblum Associates

Legacy Media doing video
David Ryan – LJ World (Mediaphormedia -Lawrence Journal)
John Wilpers – Boston Now
Howard Weaver – McClatchy

Robin Sloan – Current TV
Andrew Fitzgerald – Current TV
Lila King – CNN i-Report
Andrew Heyward – Marketspace LLC

Not video…

Jay Rosen – NewAssignment.Net
Leonard Witt – Public Journalism Network
Rex Hammock – Hammock Publishing
Howard Owens – GateHouse Media
Paul Sullivan – Orato
Ariel Vardi – Broowaha
Chris Tolles – Topix –
Amanda Michel – OffTheBus


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