reverse publishing? blogs and print working together?

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The local pioneer panelists are all involved in print in some way. Jarvis calls it a “great irony.” Jarah Euston of Fresno Famous sold the site to the Fresno Bee and now the paper includes a page devoted to site content. Is the collaboration between online and print a testament to the inability of the internet to be totally self-sustaining or just the MSM’s desire to stay connected?

Debbi Gallant of Baristanet said she was considering going to paper in order to get more advertising. But she also said she was finding that “the digital game” was becoming the biggest game.

Sending traffic back and forth is suggested. Partnerships between newspapers and sites? Baristanet and the Star Ledger? Gallant said she’d rather be on the front page of

One attendee said being the hub is the most important thing.

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