What's Next – Mike Sabat

Posted on 22. Oct, 2007 by in What's Next?

I am working on www.ShelfMade.net. We just put our first page up and we are looking to let people know about our upcoming beta. The ShelfMade concept allows users to create a personalized magazine from Internet content.

On the flip side, we are building a network of bloggers from which our users can Shelv articles that will then be included in their magazines. Every time a a user Shelves an article and includes that article in a magazine, the author is paid a royalty. We think that bloggers, independent authors and journalists will want to be part of the content network for 3 reasons.

1. Additional revenue when users Shelv articles
2. Writers can spread their ideas in a medium that has been so far unavailable to independent authors, print magazines.
3. With the pass along effect of print, a new audience will read these authors and traffic to the blog should increase.

I am very excited about seeing what other people are working on.If you have any feedback for me regarding ShelfMade, I would love to hear.

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