Public Support.10 Cost Basis?

Posted on 23. Oct, 2008 by in Uncategorized

“Every situation where it’s a symphony model and an endowment or the government funds us, we’re worse.” says Davidson.  He prefers to be a “scrappy beast” finding his own funding.

Leonard Witt asks about the cost basis.  Tofel says “you could mount an incredible news gathering organization for $3 million a year in a smaller city.”

Rosen:  CUNY could make a model to let us know how much a basic editorial operation costs in a metropolitan area.

Witt says most news organizations don’t care about rural news anymore because there’s no ad revenue in it.  How do we make sure both metropolitan and rural areas are covered?  What does it cost?  If it costs $3 million and you have a city of 1 million, 15% of people, who love news, need to be tapped into and it could be covered relatively easily.

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