Interview – Michael Rosenblum

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A quick video chat with Michael Rosenblum to discuss the aftermath of the New Business Models for News Summit.

Michael Rosenblum – Afterthoughts from David Cohn on Vimeo.

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  1. Dave Chase

    29. Oct, 2008

    David — I liked this format. I hope you do a lot more of these with attendees from the event. Michael made a point which was one of my takeaways from the event. That is, most of what has been tackled over the past several years and was discussed at the event was the production/cost side of the equation. Unfortunately, that can only take us so far. It was great to hear the spirit of *revenue* experimentation Michael. From what I’ve seen, there’s been very little of that beyond the basic AdSense/Paid Search model.

    Like Michael, I don’t yet know whether our experiments will work. I have joked that our company motto needs to be “we make mistakes faster than anyone else”. We just have to ensure we don’t repeat those mistakes. I would love for you and Jeff to uncover more of this kind of revenue experimentation that complements the production experimentation.

    I liked the fact that the event blended the business & editorial sides of the business. As the “business guy” it has been my observation working with journalists that they initially passively observe (or ignore) the business discussions. The way I’ve drawn them out is to tell them to put their journalism hat on and ask the probing questions, have their BS-meter on, etc. and they can add a lot to improve our efforts. It’s been eye-opening to me to see how removed most journalists are from the business side yet their perspective can be invaluable.


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