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Interviewed by Jennifer McFadden

Describe your product/service.
Adility is a hyperlocal distribution hub that connects online publishers and local advertisers in a way that enables local advertisers to promote local advertising content (coupons, daily deals and prepaid cards) to a publisher’s customers. Publishers benefit by providing their users with unique local commerce content thereby increasing retention, engagement, and revenue; and local advertisers benefit by driving new customers into their stores at a lower cost than traditional cpm based advertising. We provide everything a publisher needs to add a daily deal offering to their portfolio of products either through our white label daily deal site or our API.

How can Adility help local publishers?
Adility helps local publishers monetize their installed customer base through the offer of local deals from local merchants

How do you simplify the process of advertising online for local businesses?
We take the guesswork out of local advertising. A local merchant doesn’t pay until he/she gets a customer who has purchased a product. So the local merchant knows there is a direct relationship between the money spent and a customer acquired.

Who is currently using your product?
We provide deal aggregation services to more than 6,000 small businesses nationwide, and we distribute them across our network of publishers who in the aggregate generate more than 100MM Unique Visitors per month. We currently provide products and services to a variety of traditional and mobile publishers such as:, CBS Interactive, Interactive One, DailyDealster, Wegeo, and many others.

How can local publishers increase revenue on their sites?
Know your users. If you know your users well, you will know the types of deals that will appeal to them. Matching the right deals to the right customer certainly impacts conversion

Who are your primary competitors? What value do you provide that makes Adility a better solution?
We currently compete with the likes of NimbleCommerce, Group Commerce, and Tippr. Our biggest competitive advantage is that not only can we provide publishers with a custom white label site, but we can provide that publisher with unique local deals in the city of their choice. So, we can help that publisher drive revenue immediately on launching a daily deal product on their site. Our competitors offer a software solution but no deals.

What is your revenue model?
We derive our revenue from sharing revenues with the publisher. We generally split net revenue with our publishers 50/50.

How does a local site implement your products?
Creating a turnkey white label solution is very easy and generally takes around 2 weeks. Using our API is even easier and we can get a publisher up and running using our API platform in several days.

What is your outlook for the local advertising marketplace over the next 2-5 years?
CPC based advertising will take significant market share from CPM based brand advertising where small businesses and local merchants are concerned. The simplicity and accountability of CPC based advertising makes it an ideal product for small businesses and local merchants that don’t have large advertising budgets.

Do you have any new products in your pipeline that will serve the needs of local publishers?
Our white label and API products are designed to help local publishers monetize their customers.

What do you see as the biggest hurdle for local advertisers? How does Adility address this issue?
The biggest problem for local advertisers is the ability to aggregate large audiences for their messages at a reasonable cost. Until Groupon came along, local advertisers had very limited options in using the power of the Internet to aggregate large audiences. Groupon and sites like Groupon have shown that there are sustainable business models that allow local merchants to aggregate scalable audiences at low cost.

What sites do you think are effectively targeting and reaching the local market?
I think that Groupon has done a great job in illuminating a business model that helps small businesses advertise their products. I think the market will evolve over time and there are ways in which they can improve but as the market leader, they’ve done a good job.

Courtney Williams — [email protected]
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